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Ethylene, a gaseous plant hormone associated with fruit ripening processes, is produced by bananas as they ripen. Hence the presence of ripe bananas could trigger the ripening of green bananas if they are stored together. To test this hypothesis, green bananas, all at the same stage of maturation was collected and separated into two groups. One group was stored alone while the other group was stored with ripe bananas. The rate of ripening between the two groups was observed over 2 weeks and measured using a standard banana color chart. The study confirmed our hypothesis that green bananas ripen faster when stored with ripe bananas. Therefore, this experimental method is a cost-effective method to demonstrate the relationship between ethylene gas and fruit ripening. The alternative would require the use of artificial ethylene gas which would prove to be expensive

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Bananas; Ethylene Gas


Food Chemistry | Food Science

Cost-Effective Method to Determine Effect of Ethylene Gas on Ripening of Bananas