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Printed program for a concert by the Wright State University Percussion Ensemble



Event Venue

Schuster Hall, Creative Arts Center


Music Performance


Catching Shadows (2014), by Ivan Trevino (b. 1983)
Dan Moell, Hunter Mays, Brian Ellerman, Jackson Riffle

Trio in a Rudimental Style (2002), by Joseph Tompkins
Josh Riedy, Nathaniel Jeffery, Joey Jacobs

Extremes (2009), by Jason Treuting (b. 1977)
Dan Moell, Guthrie Douglas, Daniel Page, Joey Jacobs

Again (2017), by Arnor Chu (b. 2000)
Rebecca Carlson, Jon Roberts

Bicksa (2006), by Thom Hasenpflug (b. 1966)
Taylor Williams, Guthrie Douglas, Joey Jacobs, Josh Riedy

Smoke and Mirrors (2015), by Thom Hasenpflug (b. 1966)
Taylor Williams, Guthrie Douglas, Daniel Page, Troy Straughn

Nagoya Marimbas (1996), by Steve Reich (b. 1936)
Brian Ellerman, Dan Moell

Cadence for Will, by Nick Angelis (b. 1973)
Jerry Noble, Guthrie Douglas, Justice Sallee, Troy Straughn

The Adventures of Joe 90, arr. SSG Brian Pentony and SSG Ross Andrews
Dan Moell, Jackson Riffle, Josh Riedy, Hunter Mays

Ritual Music: Variations on the Numbers 2 and 4, by David Skidmore (b. 1982)
Daniel Page, Hunter Mays, Justice Sallee, Troy Straughn

Marimba Quartet, Mvt. 2 (1987), by Daniel Levitan (b. 1953)
Brian Ellerman, Don Moell, Guthrie Douglas, Jackson Riffle

Percussion Ensemble - 2019-11-18