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Nexus is a magazine that began as an insert in the Wright State Guardian student newspaper in 1965 and has since been published semi-regularly. It began only accepting creative writing, but has since expanded to include illustrations, photography and other non-written art forms. Today, it is published in a digital format and accepts submissions from around the country, though it maintains its commitment to the Wright State Community.


Student Activities; Literary Magazine; Creative Writing; Wright State University


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Fiction | Illustration | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Mass Communication | Nonfiction | Other Arts and Humanities | Photography | Poetry

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University Archives; Wright State University Libraries

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University Archives; Wright State University Libraries


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* Note: The work by Adam Randolph, North to Canada, is listed in the table of contents as a work of fiction. It is rather a creative non-fiction story.

Nexus, Spring 2018