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Technological advancement is often associated with scaling down electronic devices. As the size decreases, quantum phenomena start to govern the device performance. Electron transport through real, and artificial, suspended molecular systems have revealed a rich tapestry of physical effects. Single-molecule electronics offer the promise of observing and controlling quantum effects in massive objects. In addition, the molecules provide the benefit of stronger coupling of vibrational and oscillatory modes to the transport process and a large range of practical applications than traditional nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS). In this talk, I will discuss the steady-state electronic transport through a suspended dimer molecule transistor. When strongly coupled to a vibrational mode, the electron transport is enhanced at the phonon resonant frequency and higher-order resonances. Our results indicate the possibility of compensating the current decrease due to the thermal environment. Finally, I will describe my future research plans.

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


Presented at a seminar hosted by the Physics Department at Wright State University.

Exploiting Quantum Phenomena Toward Technological Advancement

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