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The mid-infrared (mid-IR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum is defined from λ ~ 8 – 14 μm. There are many important applications for mid-IR sensing including military, scientific, medical, and commercial. Unfortunately, the performance of current mid-IR detectors is limited by low optical absorption. Surface plasmons (SPs) can be used to enhance the coupling between mid-IR radiation and mid-IR detectors. There are many structures that can generate SPs in the mid-IR region. Two particular structures, the grating coupler and the Sierpinski carpet, seem particularly interesting. The grating coupler is of interest because of its good performance and simplicity of fabrication. The Sierpinski carpet is of interest because of its wide-band nature. The transmissivity of these two structures was investigated by numerical simulation using a full wave Finite Element Method software package called High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS). Preliminary results of the transmissivity calculations will be presented and discussed. In addition, the performance of HFSS for this application will be discussed.

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


Presented at a seminar hosted by the Physics Department at Wright State University.

Enhancing IR Sensor Coupling Using Surface Plasmon Resonances

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