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The aim of this publication is to re-create, as closely as possible the experience that the visitor to the gallery may have encountered. The primary difference between the experiences of the gallery visitor and the reader of this book lies in the nature of the clues. Since the actual exhibition, in all its physical dimensions, cannot be presented here, additional data, such as artist's notes and drawings, are included. An integration and recognition of our conceptual, perceptual and projective process capabilities is required here as in the gallery. The work catalogued here is more difficult to engage in a comprehensive manner than Le Va's earlier work because of the scarcity of clues and because of the spatial interrelationships of this multi-leveled gallery. The processes required to understand Le Va's work apply consistently to all of his late work and hopefully to this book as well: We must follow the artist's clues "through the labyrinth of nonessential data into the light of complete comprehension . . . ."

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Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University




Accumulated Vision: Extended Boundaries; Abstract; Art museums; College Art Museums; Installations (Art); Le Va, Barry 1941-; Sculpture; Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries


Art and Design | Art Practice | Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts

Accumulated Vision: Extended Boundaries



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