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"Luminous Realities" is part of a continuing series of exhibitions devoted to the exploration of concepts and processes in contemporary art. This exhibition wed artistic sensibility to modern technology by utilizing the talents of seven contemporary artists working with video and projection devices as their media. David Cort explains video and projection art as a process. The classical painter expresses an abstract idea on canvas, but I think a video artist expresses an idea through a process. Art for a video artist is the creative process, art for the audience is the participation.

The following catalog attempts not only to serve as a record of the exhibition but also to introduce the reader to the work of the seven participating artists: David Cort, Tony Conrad, Douglas Davis, Anthony McCall, Nam June Paik, Paul Sharits, and Jud Yalkut. It is intended to be an introduction to the oeuvre of important contemporary artists brought together for the first time in a single exhibition.

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Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University




Paik, Naim June 1932-2006; Cort, David 1935-; Conrad, Tony 1940-2016; Davis, Douglas 1933-2014; McCall, Anthony 1946-; Sharits, Paul 1943-1993; Yalkut, Jud 1938-2013; Contemporary Art; Wright State University Art Gallery; Spurlock, William


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Luminous Realities: Projection and Video Art



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