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Science and technology are two dominant art themes that have been weaving their way through the 1980s. This show makes that point very strongly, but in doing so it does not I intend to show every work of art that has used scientific or technological subject matter, or has been hooked up to an electric outlet during this I decade. That would be both I indiscriminate and unrewarding. What this exhibition does set out to do is give enough breadth of focus to the subject to make it understandable that many artists in the past few years have been using science and technology as a vehicle to investigate issues concerning art, politics, and philosophy. This show demonstrates that they have not been doing this as a homogeneous group, but that they do share some common concerns. This exhibition also wants to make the point that, as in past decades, a number of new art issues have emerged and are being addressed.

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Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University




Art, Abstract, Gretchen Bender, Ashley Bickerton, Barry Bridgwood, Orshi Drozdik, R.M. Fischer, Jack Goldstein, Peter Halley, Jon Kessler, Will Mentor, Steve Miller, David Nyzio, Nam June Paik, Aimee Rankin, Keith Sonnier, Wolfgang Staehle, Wallace and Donohue, Terry Winters


Art and Design | Art Practice | Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts

Science/Technology/Abstraction: Art at the End of the Decade