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Holponiyochi, the Native American Choctaw word meaning, "to cause to see," is the conceptual framework of the exhibition. The aim is to challenge and subsequently change common perceptions and heighten the awareness of the viewer by featuring works of diverse media and aesthetic vision by nine Native American artists from across the US: Marcus Amerman (Choctaw), David Bradley (Lakota), Bob Haozous (Apache), Edgar Heap of Birds (Cheyenne-Arapahoe), Truman Lowe (Winnebago/Ho-Chunk), Duane Slick (Oneida), Jacquie Stevens (Winnebago/Ho-Chunk), Charlene Teters (Spokane) and Kelvin Yazzie (Navaho/Dine). Holponiyochi was co-curated by WSU Professor of Art, Thomas Macaulay, and guest curator Noel Day.


Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University


Amerman, Marcus, 1959-; Bradley, David, 1954-; Haozous, Bob, 1943-; Heap of Birds, Edgar; Lowe, Truman, 1944-; Slick, Duane, 1961-; Stevens, Jacquie, 1949-; Teters, Charlene; Yazzie, Kelvin; Macaulay, Thomas; Day, Noel; Sculpture--2000-2010; Native American art and culture; Chief Wahoo