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This exhibition, which was featured in the Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries at Wright State University, featuring works by the artists of Zeuxis. This exhibition ran from January 15 to February 28, 2020. For this project, the artists of Zeuxis focused on their own studio spaces. This is to help grant insight into their working process, as the artist's own working space is very often seen as insight into their work and sometimes even used as the subject of their work.


Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University

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Special Collections and Archives; Wright State University Libraries


Art Gallery; Art Exhibit; Wright State University; Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries; Zeuxis; Still Life; Twenty-First Century Painting; Leland, Bell 1922-1991; Temma, Bell 1945-; Bradford, John 1949-; Callander, Neil; Craig, Kathleen; Floyd, Phyllis; Goodrich, John; Brebel, Paula Swaydan; Higgins, Elizabeth; Jackson, Philip R.; Kennedy, Tim; Kirklin, Deborah; Klos, Matt; Koeller, Jean; Laderman, Gabriel; La Presti, Richard; Prince, Mary; Li, Ying; Lichtman, Susan; McCann, Margaret; Morzuch, Joseph; Praybe, Edmond; Shen, Clara; Stone, Sandra; Strahle, Gwen; Tapley, Sheldon