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MS-152: Dayton-Wright Airplane Company Photographs


The photograph shows the organization chart for the Dayton-Wright Airplane Company in circa 1918. The chart is labeled with the names of the members of the company and their photographs. In the center at the top is pictured (from left to right) C. F. Kettering, H. E, Talbott Jr., H. E. Talbott, G. M. Williams. The far left of the photograph under the title Engineering is pictured - (from left to right) Orville Wright, J. M. Schoonmaker, H. S. Taylor, J. M. Jacobs, N. S. Clunet, L. C. Luneke, R. V. Hutchinson, H. M. Rinehart. Pictured in the center of the photograph under the title Manufacturing is -(from left to right) H. A. Fitzjohn, E. J. Tingle, F. W. Sutton, C. R. McLaughlin, W. S. Whittaker, F. W. Atkin, H. K. Hamilton, D. M. Dunwoodie, G. P. A. Stape, J. P. Henry, C. P. Nellis, R. J. King, J. L. Primmer, D. G. Calvert, B. J Van Doren, Harvey D. Geyer, J. H. Allen, W. F. Dupre, E. F. Bearce, J. E. Butz, G. Ramsey. Pictured on the left side of the photograph under the title Finance is (from left to right) G. H. Mead, C. J. Sherer, T. P. Gaddis, H. M. Howell, L. R. Scafe.

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8x10 Glass plate negative


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ms152_059; Talbott, Harold E Jr., 1888-1957; Dupre, W. F.; Williams, G. M.; Hamilton, H. K.; Geyer, Harvey D.; Stape, G. P. A.; Taylor, H. S.; Bearce, E. F.; Male aircraft industry employees; World War, 1914-1918; Airplane factories; Calvert, D. G.; Whittaker, Wallace S.; Sutton, F. W.; Manufacturing Department; Wright, Orville, 1871-1948; Rinehart, Howard Max, 1885-1949; Henry, J. P.; Jacobs, James M.; Gaddis, T. P.; Aircraft industry; Allen, J. H.; Hutchinson, R. V.; King, R. J.; Tingle, E. J.; Fitzjohn, H. A.; Howell, H. M.; Atkin, F. W.; Schoonmaker, James M.; Aircraft industry--Employees; Butz, J. E.; Van-Doren, B. J.; Luneke, L. C.; Ramsey, G.; Engineering Department; Clunet, N. S.; Primmer, J. L.; McLaughlin, C. R.; Sherer, C. J.; Talbott, Harold E.; Kettering, Charles Franklin, 1876-1958; Mead, G. H.; Finance Department; Nellis, C. P.; Scafe, L. R.; Dunwoodi, D. M.