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MS-192: Andrew S. Iddings Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration Collection


Wilbur, Orville (standing), and Bishop Milton Wright are on stage for the medal ceremony during the 1909 Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration held on the morning of Friday June 18, 1909 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. After the medals were presented to Wilbur and Orville, they each gave a short speech. Ivonette and Leontine, the daughters of Lorin Wright, are seated beside Katharine Wright and behind Wilbur. Further to the right are Lorin Wright and his son Milton. Ed Ellis is next to Lorin and Frank Gilbert can be seen behind Katharine. Both Ellis and Gilbert were members of the Ten Dayton Boys Club who were invited as distinguished guests to be on the stage at the ceremony. On the far left side leaning forward is J. Sprigg McMahon, the events coordinator. In the background, school children are clothed in red, white, and blue forming the United States of America flag and the large crowd that witnessed the event.

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ms192_040; Dayton (Ohio) Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration -- 1909; Gilbert; Frank I.; 1866-1938; Performance art; Spectators; Ellis; Edgar W.; 1864-1951; Medal ceremonies; Wright; Milton; 1892-1961; Child artists; Children performance; Wright; Orville; 1871-1948; Church of the United Brethren in Christ; Ten Dayton Boys; Stages; Wright; Wilbur; 1867-1912; Wright; Milton; 1828-1917; Rites and ceremonies; Wright; Lorin; 1862-1939; Grandstands; Montgomery County Fairgrounds (Ohio); McMahon; J. Sprigg; 1869-1931; Jameson; Leontine Wright; 1898-1977; Flags--United States; Miller; Ivonette Wright; 1896-1995; Haskell; Katharine Wright; 1874-1929


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