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MS-192: Andrew S. Iddings Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration Collection


A combination fire wagon from the Dayton Fire Department is in the exhibition fire run during the 1909 Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration. The horse drawn wagon has two firefighters, in turnout gear, riding on the front. The combination wagon is from company seven which was located at 401 Xenia Avenue. It is running north on Main Street from Sixth Street to the Soldier's Monument, in a section of the decorated Court of Honor. The photograph was taken from the corner of Third Street and Main Street facing the Court's Triumphal Arches. Soldiers from the Second and Third Regiment of the Ohio National Guard are standing in the street waiting to be reviewed after the fire exhibition. Lining the side of street are spectators watching the exhibition. Behind the spectators are signs for the Anderton and Son Jewelry Store at 18 North Main Street, John C. Good Drug Store at 16 North Main Street, Benjamin F. Hershey Law Offices at 14 North Main Street, Adolph Grossman Photography and the Montgomery County Mutual Insurance Company at 12 North Main Street, and J. S. Horner Piano Store at 10 North Main Street. Near the top of the image is a large billboard that reads, "Straiton and Storm's Owl Cigar now five cents Henry Straus, Distributor, Cincinnati, Ohio". In the balcony, under the Grossman Photography sign, are small signs for balcony chairs, tickets in room 1, and choice seats for sale. Further in the background is a sign for the W. L. Douglas Shoe Store at the southeast corner of Third Street and Main Street. There is a small sign on the shoe store for five cent shoe shines. A sign for candy is near Wm. H. Ahlers Fur Store at the Teutonia Bank Building on the northeast corner of Main Street and Market Street. The steeple, on the far right of the background, is the English Lutheran Church at the southeast corner of Main Street and Hanna Lane. Starting from the right side of the image are the Church, the United Brethren Building (northeast corner of Fourth Street and Main Street), the Conover Building (southeast corner of Third Street and Main Street) and the Callahan Bank Building (northeast corner of Third Street and Main Street).

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Special Collections and Archives; Wright State University Libraries

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ms192_058; Signs and signboards; John C. Good Drug Company (Dayton, Ohio); Conover Building (Dayton, Ohio); W. L. Douglas Shoe Company (Dayton, Ohio); Anderton and Son Jewelry Store (Dayton, Ohio); Fire fighters; Kabierske, Henry; Court of Honor; Columns; Teutonia Bank Building (Dayton, Ohio); Spectators; Montgomery County Mutual Insurance Company (Dayton, Ohio); Fire departments--Equipment and supplies; Fire drills; Horse-drawn vehicles; Fire engines; Ohio. Army National Guard; Flags--United States; Callahan Bank Building (Dayton, Ohio); Firefighting equipment; J. S. Horner Piano Store (Dayton, Ohio); William H. Ahlers Fur Store (Dayton, Ohio); Advertising; English Lutheran Church (Dayton, Ohio); Ohio--Militia; Straiton and Storm's Owl Cigar (Cincinnati; Ohio); Dayton (Ohio) Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration -- 1909; Dayton Fire Department (Ohio); Fire departments--Officials and employees; Soldiers; Horchert, Joseph A.; Horses; Adolph Grossman Photographer (Dayton, Ohio); United Brethren Building (Dayton, Ohio); Parades; Benjamin F. Hershey Law Offices (Dayton, Ohio)


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