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MS-192: Andrew S. Iddings Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration Collection


The image shows an ox cart in the parade through Dayton, Ohio during the 1909 Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration. In the background are a sedan chair and a Conestoga wagon along with other floats and heralds. The heralds rode on horseback while holding signs to identify each float. The ox cart was part of the history of locomotion in America section of the parade which featured floats representing various modes of transportation starting with a birch bark canoe and ending with a model of the Wright Flyer. The photograph was taken in the Court of Honor on Main Street and spectators can be seen on the sides of the street. In the lower right hand corner of the image, the front of a large scale field camera can be seen. In the upper right is a sign for the Green, Green and Co. Bakery located at 136 North Main Street. All of the floats for the parade were sculpted by Joseph Horchert and designed by Henry Kabierske. Kabierske, of Fischer and Sons in Philadelphia, also designed most of the decorations for the event.

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ms192_099; Spectators; Dayton (Ohio) Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration -- 1909; Streets--Ohio--Dayton; Wagons; Columns; Dayton--Streets; Actors; Green; Green and Company Bakery (Dayton, Ohio); Horse-drawn vehicles; Signs and signboards; Ox teams; Horchert, Joseph A.; Streets--Ohio; Horses; Flags--United States; Sedan chairs; Oxen; Parades; Ox driving; Kabierske, Henry; Court of Honor; Heralds; Parade floats; Advertising; Carriages and carts; Cameras; Main Street (Dayton, Ohio)


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