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MS-1: Wright Brothers Collection


Group photograph of National Inventors Council meeting with Wright Field officers. 1st row, left to right: Lawrence Langner, Secretary of the council, Admiral H. G. Bowen, Dr. George W. Lewis, Charles F. Kettering, General Arthur W. Vanaman, Commander of the Material Center at Wright Field, Orville Wright, and Colonel Franklin O. Carroll, Chief of the Experimental Engineering Section at Wright Field. 2nd row: Conway P. Coe, U.S. Commissioner of Patents, Fred Zeder, Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, Chrysler Corporation, Colonel Laurence C. Craigie. 3rd row: 4th from left, Dr. Fin Sparre, Director of Development, Dupont Corporation. 5th row: 2nd from left, Dr. William D. Coolidge, Director of Research, General Electric Corporation.

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ms1_24_3_1; National Aviation Organizations; Wright Field (Ohio); Wright, Orville, 1871-1948; Langner, Lawrence, 1890-1962; Kettering, Charles Franklin, 1876-1958; Vanaman, Arthur W., 1892-1987; Coolidge, William David, 1873-1975; Sparre, Fin, 1879-1944; National Inventors Council (U.S.)


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