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MS-338: Harvard-Boston Aero Meet Collection


The photograph is of Claude Grahame-White, Charles Taylor, Clifford Harmon and other spectators at the Harvard-Boston Aero Meet which was held in Atlantic, Massachusetts from September 3-13, 1910 and was sponsored by the Harvard Aeronautical Society. The group of men in the image are identified from left to right as unidentified person, unidentified person, unidentified person, unidentified young boy, Claude Grahame-White, unidentified person facing the camera, Charles Taylor, the Boston Globe Publisher facing Grahame-White, and Clifford Harmon, aviator with coat draped over his shoulders. Other spectators are throughout the image along with a tent in the background. The image is the same as item number ms338_03_06 in the form of a glass plate negative. The negative has the number 112 written on it.

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Special Collections and Archives; Wright State University Libraries

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Digital Services Department; Wright State University Libraries

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4x5 Glass Lantern Slide


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ms338_06_16; Grahame-White, Claude, 1879-1959; Harmon, Clifford B., 1866-1945; Harvard-Boston Aero Meet--1910; Philpott, Anthony, 1860-1952; Taylor, Charles H., 1846-1921; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865


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