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There were three Ohio research efforts about Student Growth Measures (SGM) for Teacher and Principal Evaluations: 1) extended testing for previously non-­‐tested subjects and grades, 2) relationship between the teacher and principal evaluation systems’ implementation plans, and 3) an empirical study of Local Education Agencies’ (LEA) year-­‐end evaluation data from 2013. In 2011-­‐2012 Ohio offered a 2 year mini-­‐grant to LEAs agreeing to administer extended testing for Value-­‐Added measures (VAM) in grades and content areas not represented in the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA). The mini-­‐grant allowed the state to create testing pools sufficient to produce teacher-­‐level VAMs. American College Testing (ACT) End of Course (EOC), Terra Nova, MAPS, and/or Star assessments were administered. The two year study of a sample of 23 funded LEAs has provided has provided findings for the local and national discussions about student growth measures and teacher/principal evaluations. At the same time Ohio completed a case study for a sample of 22 LEAs about the relationship between OTES/OPES implementation. And finally, 21 LEAs' final 2013 teacher and principal evaluation data were analyzed for general trends.

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Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, OTES, Ohio's Principal Evaluation System, OPES, Value-added measures, VAM, Student Learning Objectives, SLOs, Local Education Agencies, LEA


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Student Growth Measures for Teacher and Principal Evaluations