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Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Zahid Husain, Institute of Natural and Management Sciences, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Editors: Dr. Fakhar-i-Abbas, Bioresource Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan
Safia Janjua, Bioresource Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan

Call for Papers

Journal of Bioresource Management (JBM) publishes original research papers, scientific notes, review and general articles on all aspects of bioresources that include plants, animals, wildlife, fisheries and their management. Authors are expected to give new ideas, concepts and principles having more general application with significant future impact on the issues. Research papers and reviews on eco-friendly sustainable management of bioresources will be given priority.

The Journal of Bioresource Management is indexed in the National Library of Medicine and SHERPA/RoMEO.

© Copyrights of all the papers published in Journal of Bioresource Management are with its publisher, Bioresource Research Center (BRC) Islamabad, Pakistan. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 (2016)



Effect of Different Plant Extracts on Termite Species (Heterotermis indicola)
Nazeer Ahmed, Zelle Huma, Misbah ul Haq, Saif -Ur- Rehman, Misbah Ullah, and Saeed Ahmed


Effect of Canopy Cover of Capparis decidua Forsk. on Soil Conditions in Thal Desert
Ghulam Yasin, Muhammad Farrakh Nawaz, Faiz Rasool, Muhammad Talha Bin Yousuf, Muhammad Qaisar Nazir, and Atif Javed


Microwave Assisted Extraction of Phenolics from Trachyspermum ammi (L.) Sprague
Sumera Javad, Maimoona Mubarik, Arusa Aftab, and Amina Tariq


Ethnoecological Studies of Herbs and Shrubs of Miani Sahib Graveyard, Lahore City, Punjab, Pakistan
Anis Ali Shah, Zaheer -ud-din Khan, Musarrat Ramzan, and Rabia Saba


Impact of Pre-Emergence Herbicides for the Control of Weeds in Chick Pea (Cicer arietinum L.) under Hot Arid Climate
Ghulam Abbas, Aziz Ahmed, Marghub Amer, Zafar Abbas, Mudassir -ur- Rehman, Aamir Hussain, and Ghulam Abbas Khan