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An attempt has been made to understand deep brain stimulation in humans via marketable devices that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The electrode characteristics were presented to influence the volume of tissue stimulated. Experimental data were digitized and VTS data were presented a function of electrode diameter, aspect ratio, applied current, pulse duration, voltage and frequency. Amongst other trends voltage and VTS were found to exhibit a three-stage relation, where Stage II characteristics were represented by a linear equation. It is in this stage, the VTS was found to be stable and where the most effective stimulation is experienced. In this study, three multi-variant mathematical models are presented which were developed to predict the VTS in terms of the above independent parameters. Because limited data was available in the literature, validation of the models with wide range of data was not possible. However, the equations provide both theoretical and experimental basis for predicting the volume of tissue stimulated in deep brain stimulation and will be very useful in future studies.


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