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What is CORE Scholar?

CORE Scholar is an institutional repository. The institutional repository collects and makes available the scholarly output of Wright State University faculty, staff, and students as well as local, regional, and Wright State University heritage material. The goal of CORE Scholar is to provide open access and worldwide exposure to Wright State's unique research and collections.

CORE Scholar offers a wide array of tools to showcase the academic successes of Wright State. Built on the bepress' Digital Commons platform, you can be part of the Digital Commons Network that brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.

  • Reach an international audience through search engine optimization
  • Open channels of communication in your field
  • Gain access to scholarly research free of charge and without licensing restrictions
  • Provide one location for all Wright State University scholarly output
  • Raise the profile of Wright State University and its scholars
  • Expose the scholarship and unique materials held by Wright State University to the public at-large
  • Expand the potential for broadly sharing Wright State University knowledge

What We Do

We offer digitization, metadata creation, and online distribution of scholarship, gray literature, and other Wright State University materials. We will:

  • Research and write metadata according to local and national standards for all items uploaded to CORE Scholar.
  • Review publishers' policies to ensure compliance when posting copyrighted materials. If the policy is unclear, we will contact the publisher on your behalf for clarification and/or permission.
  • Scan photographs, slides, reports, articles, oversized materials, negatives, etc., convert images to text for fulltext searching, and convert analog sound recordings to digital formats.

How Do I Get Involved?

We work closely with you to understand your needs and upload your content. We can create and setup the follow for you:

  • Personal or departmental profiles pages highlighting your articles or research
  • Publish open access and subscription-based journals
  • Create conferences or events, and publish conference proceedings

Consider contributing articles, e-prints, preprints, datasets both statistical and geospatial, technical reports, images both visual and scientific, working papers, conference papers, audio/video files, electronic-publications, and more.

For more information at (937) 775-3927.