Cross-Calibration and Minimum Precision Standards for Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry: The 2005 ISCD Official Positions

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The International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) Committee on Standards of Bone Measurement (CSBM) consists of experts in technical aspects of bone densitometry. The CSBM recently reviewed the scientific literature on cross-calibration and precision assessment. A report with recommendations was presented at the 2005 ISCD Position Development Conference (PDC). Based on a thorough review of the data by the ISCD Expert Panel during the conference, the ISCD adopted Official Positions with respect to (1) cross-calibration when changing or replacing hardware; (2) the approach to cross-calibration when an entire system is changed to one made by either the same or a different manufacturer; (3) when no cross-calibration study or bone mineral density (BMD) comparison is done between facilities; and (4) the minimum acceptable precision for an individual technologist. We present here the ISCD Official Positions on these topics that were established as a result of the 2005 PDC, together with the associated rationales and supportive evidence.



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