Hip Implants VII: Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Cross-Sections

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Several hip stems were re-evaluated in this paper. Finite element analysis was conducted for each of the stems with various cross-sections applied to them. Comparison of von Mises stress was made for each of the stems at the designated locations as well as the displacement was recorded. Three materials were used to perform the analysis, they were; Cr–Co–Mo, Stainless Steel SS316L, and titanium alloy, Ti–6Al–4V. Overall, Ti–6Al–4V exhibited lower stress than the other two materials. The circular and elliptical cross-sections produced even distribution of stress through out the length of the stem than the other cross-sections namely; trapezoid and oval. This analysis may explain the conditions favorable for stress-shielding in hip implants that need to be avoided. More anatomical designs are needed in the design of the total joint replacements.



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