Population Size, Structure, and Conservation Status of Himalayan Grey Goral in Pakistan

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The Himalayan grey goral, Naemorhedus goral bedfordi (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) is listed as "lower risk: near threatened" on the IUCN Red List, but was last assessed in 1996. Between 2002–04, we conducted surveys of goral distribution and population structure in the western limit of its range, in northern Pakistan and Kashmir (Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir). Since the 1996 assessment, human and livestock populations have grown in the region, potentially impacting grey goral populations. We established 98 stands and counted the number of gorals observed from a prominent peak over area falling within visual range of telescope.


Presented at the 93rd Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI.

Presentation Number PS 56-47.

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