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Readers of this newsletter are likely familiar with our ongoing project to establish a framework phylogeny of world Tachinidae (see articles in The Tachinid Times 26 and 27). This collaborative project, involving myself, Jim O’Hara, Kevin Moulton, Pierfilippo Cerretti, Isaac Winkler and a long list of collaborating tachinidophiles was initiated in 2012 with funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation. Our goal is to produce a robust phylogenetic framework of Tachinidae that can be used to inform tachinid taxonomy, systematics research, and the patterns of tachinid evolution. In previous issues of The Tachinid Times we summarized our progress to date in terms of obtaining taxa (e.g., Cerretti et al. 2013, O’Hara et al. 2014) and some of our preliminary phylogenetic findings (Stireman et al. 2013, Winkler et al. 2014). Here, we provide a brief update on some of our recent progress and associated products.