Redefining the generic limits of Winthemia (Diptera : Tachinidae)

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One of the major problems hindering the systematic study of tachinid flies is that genera are often poorly defined, making it difficult to unambiguously assign species among closely related genera. Within the tribe Winthemiini, an example of this problem is represented by the unstable classification of the Afrotropical species most recently classified as Smidtia capensis (Schiner). This species has been previously assigned to four different genera on the basis of limited examination and evidence. Here, we evaluate the identity and phylogenetic affinities of this species and other members of the tribe Winthemiini using morphological and molecular phylogenetic analysis. We demonstrate that S. capensis actually belongs to the genus Winthemia Robineau-Desvoidy. We also find that Winthemia is paraphyletic with respect to two monotypic genera, Crypsina (type species Crypsina prima Brauer & Bergenstamm) and Hemiwinthemia (type species Hemiwinthemia calva Villeneuve). On the basis of morphological and genetic evidence, we propose to extend the generic limits of Winthemia to include W. londti, sp. nov. (South Africa), W. capensis (Schiner), comb. nov. (South Africa), W. prima (Brauer & Bergenstamm), comb. nov. (China, Japan, Australia) and W. calva (Villeneuve), comb. nov. (D.R. Congo), thus synonymising with Winthemia the generic names Crypsina, syn. nov. and Hemiwinthemia, syn. nov.



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