Genetic Structure of the Endangered Northeastern Bulrush (Scirpus ancistrochaetus) in Pennsylvania, USA, Using Information from RAPD and SNPs

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The northeastern bulrush, Scirpus ancistrochaetus, is a federally endangered wetland plant species found primarily in Pennsylvania, USA. Data on the population genetic structureof this species are needed by conservation managers to prioritize conservation efforts. In this study, we used two genetic marker systems to examine diversity and structure of this species in populations throughout Pennsylvania. The first simple and inexpensive approach utilized RAPD primers; our second, more detailed approach relied on DNA sequencing of single nucleotide polymorphisms. We found genetic variation using both RAPDs and sequencing and found some overlap in information between the two methods, including clusters of related populations and the identification of a genetically unique population. Future studies will seek to examine variation across the full geographic range of the species.



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