Genes for the Trophoblast Interferons in Sheep, Goat and Musk Ox, and Distribution of Related Genes among Mammals

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The trophoblast interferons (IFNs) are a family of Type 1 IFN found in domestic ruminants that are most closely related to the little-studied 172-amino-acid IFN-omega. They are produced in massive amounts by the preimplantation conceptus at a time coincident with maternal recognition of pregnancy, and are implicated in playing an important role in this process. Here we report the characterization of four distinctmembers of the ovine trophoblast IFN (oTP-1) gene family, and demonstrate that they, along with previously characterized bovine trophoblast (bTP-1) genes, possess distinctive promoter sequences when compared to ovine and bovine IFN-omega genes. Genomic Southern blot analysis of numerous mammalian species (zoo blots) indicate that, whereas the IFN-omega are widely distributed among mammals, genes for the trophoblast IFN appear to be limited to ruminant species within the Artiodactyla order. Further polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis of trophoblast IFN genes in these ruminant species has permitted isolation of genes for goat and musk ox trophoblast IFN. These data suggest that the trophoblast IFNs are a distinct family of IFN with a limited distribution among mammals. Read less



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