The Impact of Salamander Predation on Collembola Abundance

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We examined the role of the red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus, in controlling springtail (Collembola) abundance in a temperate deciduous forest in northern Delaware, USA. Salamander abundance was manipulated in paired, replicated field enclosures during fall 1993 and spring 1994, such that each cage either had four or zero salamanders m-2. After four weeks we sampled arthropod abundance with pitfall traps. The abundance of arthropods was compared using two-way MANOVA (treatments=salamanders and season), followed by univariate tests for each taxon. The effects of salamanders on arthropods was not significant (Wilks' λ=0.76, P=0.6), but Collembola were significantly more abundant in the presence of salamanders. Season had a significant effect on arthropod abundance (Wilks' λ=0.13,P

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