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Karst features in the Silurian dolomites of Taylorsville MetroPark (Dayton Metropolitan Area, Ohio, United States) were explored from 2017 to 2018 to identify sites of paleontological interest. Initial landscape surveys recovered 124 skeletal elements (from 12 sites) that were attributed to 17 vertebrate species--including evidence of such extirpated animals as bobcats (Lynx rufus) and rattlesnakes (Crotalus sp.). Of the 12 sites, 9 sites contained remains from the historical era and 3 sites contained much older remains (n = 17) that were radiocarbon dated to approximately 1,400 years before present (YBP). Human remains at one site, butchered bones at another, and artifacts from a third suggest a long period of pre-colonial human use of the area. The presence of rare taxa expands pre-historical species lists and confirms the coexistence of many previously undocumented taxa from the area during the late, pre-colonial, Holocene Epoch. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]


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