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We present findings of a mixed methods study examining the perceptions of students’ (with and without disabilities) understanding and engagement with multimodal STEM text sets. Exit slip and survey data were used to identify areas for improvement in the development of the multimodal STEM text sets for middle school students. Data were collected from 434 middle school students, 86 of whom had a disability, from six teachers’ classrooms in Spring 2021. Significant differences in perceptions of understanding of argumentation were reported between students with and without disabilities. However, ratings of the lessons and the quality of learning, as well as interest in the topic, were statistically similar. Topic modeling on the responses showed that all students expressed similar learning experiences and confusions whether or not they were students with disabilities. This supports prior work which suggests that multi-modal text sets are an effective way to motivate students with a wide range of interests and abilities to engage with scientific literacy practices.