How to Submit

Wright State University faculty may submit nominations of writing produced by students in Integrated Writing courses they have taught at the University.

  1. Submit as a Word file, with students’ knowledge and permission. PDF is OK if Word is not available.
  2. Include the following information as the first page, or in a separate file if necessary:
    • Faculty Name:
    • Department:
    • Faculty Contact:
    • Student’s Name & Contact:
    • Course & Section:
    • Term:
    • Title or Brief Description of Student’s Work:
    • Brief Explanation of Exemplary Characteristics:
    • Is it OK to include your explanation of exemplary characteristics in the journal?
  3. Send nominations addressed to Editor, Best Integrated Writing, @ kristie.mckiernan@wright.edu and tracy.smith@wright.edu.

Query with questions.

Please send no more than 3 nominations per faculty member per academic year, unless other arrangements are made.