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Today is often labeled as the Information Age. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we are inundated with pictures, video, sound, and text. DSL, cable, cell-phones, fax machines, satellite radio, and other technologies keep us instantly in touch with events. To be "connected" is to be seen as contemporary and knowledgeable.

Unfortunately, this instant access is not without risk. Much of this immediate information is unfiltered, untested, and, on occasions, suspect. The anonymous Internet "expert" that is quoted might no more be an expert than your next-door neighbor (in fact, that web site might just be the creation of your neighbor). Often, more effort is spent channel surging, Googling, or just chatting, rather than addressing the need for careful sorting, consideration, reflection, and thoughtful contemplation.

This series examines the power and place of the book in today's digital environment. Acknowledging that the printed book is perhaps an instrument destined for obsolescence, the plates nevertheless take the viewer on a visual tour of the beauty and beguiling power of images and text found within the pages of volumes "disconnected" from the digital world. I am sharing the private library of one ordinary citizen.

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Arts and Humanities | Photography

The Private Library of Eric Blair

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