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Objective: To analyze the effectiveness of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) education as well as patient and provider confidence in education practices. Study

Design: Women with a diagnosis of GDM who delivered at Miami Valley Hospital were included in the study. Patients were asked to complete a questionnaire to evaluate their knowledge and confidence in managing their GDM. Providers were asked to complete a questionnaire to provide their perspective on patient education related to GDM.

Results: Patients correctly identified 66% of the correct ways that GDM affects maternal health, fetal health, and pregnancy complications. Patients felt empowered by their education and were confident in their understanding and ability to manage their GDM. Providers rated their perception of current patient education, comprehension, and confidence to be good/average.

Conclusion: We did not identify any deficiencies in patient knowledge about gestational diabetes. Patients felt more confident about current patient education practices than providers. These findings suggest that prenatal education for GDM is effective for patients.