Thermodynamic Functions of the Solubilities of Gases in Liquids at 25°C

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The solubilities of gases in liquids have continued to be an area of active interest both from the practical and theoretical standpoints. For the first, interests range from various industrial processes to the composition of artificial atmospheres. For the second, the small solubility and the variety of gases available to use as probes have made the solubilities of gases in liquids an excellent tool to investigate liquid and solution structure and properties. All of these applications require reliable data. In this paper we present solubility data and the entropy and enthalpy changes on solution for some 16 gases in 39 solvents. Also included are some data for several fluorinecontaining gases. Some correlations are discussed. This paper supplements the earlier review article by Battino and Clever since that article contained very little data. The two principal sources for gas solubility data are Seidell's handbook, which does not contain thermodynamic data, and Appendix 3 in Hildebrand, Scott, and Prausnitz's book,4 which does not provide as extensive coverage as this paper. We surveyed the available literature through the end of 1970. We deliberately omitted water from this work since the solubilities of gases in water is a subject unto itself.



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