Solubility of Gases in Liquids. 15. High-Precision Determination of Henry Coefficients for Carbon Monoxide in Liquid Water at 278 to 323 K

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The solubility of carbon monoxide in pure liquid water was measured in the pressure range 60 to 110 kPa and the temperature range 278 to 323 K with a high-precision apparatus of the Benson-Krause type. These data are used to derive Henry coefficients H2, 1(T, Ps, 1), the temperature dependence of which is accounted for by both a Clarke-Glew type fitting equation and a power series in T−1. The imprecision of our measurements is characterized by an average deviation of H2, 1(T, Ps, 1) from these smoothing equations of about ±0.04%. From the temperature variation of H2, 1(T, Ps, 1) the partial molar quantities pertaining to the solution process (such as standard changes in enthalpy and heat capacity) are obtained. In addition, Ostwald coefficients are given in tabular form at rounded temperatures. Experimental results are compared with values calculated via scaled particle theory.



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