IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data Series. 103. Oxygen and Ozone in Water, Aqueous Solutions, and Organic Liquids (Supplement to Solubility Data Series Volume 7)

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This volume is an update of the Solubility Data Series Volume 7 published in 1981 on oxygen and ozone. For this volume, the literature was covered from 1981 to 2009 with some papers from 2010. Some earlier papers missed in the 1981 volume are included. Interest in the solubility of oxygen and of ozone continues to be high. The solubility of oxygen in water at low pressure seems well established, but more work is needed on the solubility of oxygen in water at high pressure and high temperature. There is now a wealth of salt-effect data on the solubility in aqueous salt solutions, but some glaring discrepancies still exist. Little has been done on salt effects at high pressure and high temperature. The solubility data of oxygen in hydrocarbons seem sparse. The solubility of oxygen in alcohols through C-5 seems well established. Between the 1981 volume and this volume, there are solubility data in over 70 fluorocarbons and fluorocarbon compounds with O, H, S, and N. A new area is the solubility of oxygen in ionic liquids, which are becoming increasingly important as replacement solvents for volatile organic solvents. Information on the solubility of ozone in water, aqueous solutions and organic liquids has also been updated.



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