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Anthropometric equations developed specifically for the estimation of body composition parameters in Black females are limited. Data from the Lifespan Health Research Center were used to develop a new, easy to use equation to estimate the percent body fat of post-menopausal Black females using simple and easy to collect anthropometrics. The body composition of 72 post-menopausal Black females was measured by Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA). Validation (N=55) and cross-validation groups (N=17) were randomly assigned. Prediction models were developed using stepwise multiple regression analyses with percent body fat as the dependent variable and various anthropometrics as the independent variables. The chosen prediction equation uses hip circumference, wrist breadth, bicep skinfold, and weight as predictors of percent body fat. The suggested prediction equation is: %BF = -214.28 + 58.58*ln (hip Circ) - 23.47*ln (wrist BB) + 7.24*ln (bicep SKF) – 0.00108*weight2 and has a model R2 =0.82 and a SEE=1.0%.


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