Cardiovascular Diseases and Other Evidence for Primary Care Clinical Practice

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This issue includes several articles about various cardiovascular illnesses.14 and another on a disease with increased risk for heart disease: hereditary hemochromatosis.5 Yet another explores some myth busting about mortality and diabetes.6 Two articles provide data with the support of patient and/or family organizations (Parent Heart Watch1 and the Iron Disorders Institute5). Another 2 articles address maternal–child health, one considers treatment of hyperbilirubinemia,7 and one describes an innovative team structure for pre-, post-, and intrapartum care.8 We also provide preliminary data on azithromycin for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Pop quiz: What is the common contaminant with cocaine that causes serious side effects? What are these side effects? And another: What nonliver disease should be considered for children with elevated transaminase levels? (See the brief reports for answers.) Two reviews provide up-to-the minute practical facts for vaccinations and treatment-resistant hypertension that can be immediately incorporated into clinical practice. We also have an update on physician perspectives after 2 years of electronic medical record use and another with insights about the satisfaction of family physicians who are working in health centers in the first few years out of their residency.