Outcomes of Health System Structures, Highly Pertinent Clinical Information, Idea Stimulators, Clinical Reviews, and Prediction Tools: JABFM Exemplified

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This issue exemplifies the types of articles that JABFM publishes to advance family medicine. We have articles on the implications of health system organizational structures. Three of these are international articles at the level of the national health system (1 from China) and systematic local health interventions (1 from Canada and 1 from Netherlands). Inside the United States, where there are more family physicians, there is less obesity, and designation as a Patient Centered Medical Home is related to increased rates of colorectal cancer screening. Review articles on common clinical topics discuss treatments that are changing (acne in pregnancy) or lack consensus (distal radial fractures). We have articles on making life easier in the office, such as for predicting Vitamin D levels, osteoporosis, and pre-diabetes in normal weight adults. There are articles to raise awareness of the “newest” testing or treatments, that is, auditory brainstem implants. “Reminder” articles highlight known entities that need to be reinforced to prevent over-/underdiagnosis or treatment, for example, “cotton fever.” Another article discusses the increased risk for postoperative complications with sleep apnea. We also provide “thought” pieces, in this case about the terminology we are using to extend our concept of patient-centered medical homes.