Exciting Research Studies on Practical Medical Problems and Health Services Delivery

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Major articles with major findings are in this issue. Patient-centered medical care is associated with large decreases in medical care costs! Pelvic examinations can lead to increased symptoms and infections. What should we do? Maternal postpartum depression is related to poorer infant health care quality of life at least until 16 months of age, but cannot be detected until well into the immediate postpartum time period. Using the Colorado Asthma toolkit, practices can significantly improve their management of asthma. Smoking has implications for asthma and its management. Healthy patients often do not understand their insurance, nor why they need it if they are healthy. Younger women are not aware of the potential teratogenic harms of their diabetes and hypertension medicines. Insomnia patients often will accept behavioral treatments. A health literacy screening was not of much practical help in one office. Obesity should be a documented medical problem and is an accepted topic for group medical visits.