Record-Setting Usage and New Technological Opportunities

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A variety of methodologies from several different US departments of family medicine and one School for Rural Public Health1 highlight our research articles this issue. Two studies report new findings from analyses of large national public use databases. In the first study, Lutfiyya et al2 used the National Survey of Children's Health data to reveal that poverty is associated with higher childhood body mass index through influences of unsafe neighborhoods and less access to healthy foods; the second study examined data from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study.3 Other methodologies include an observational study,4 focus groups of primary care physicians,5 and a cross national border study of depression.1 These articles include new insights on common problems,6 uncommon presentations of common illnesses,7 and uncommon problems presenting as common symptoms.8 Two of 4 case reports are from US military family medicine programs.6,8