Training for Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

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Three hundred twenty-six participants of five 1-day continuing medical education courses on flexible sigmoidoscopy were surveyed to determine their use of lower intestinal endoscopes and to identify how well the education trained them to use the flexible sigmoidoscope. The number of participants using a flexible sigmoidoscope and/or colonoscope increased after the course. About one half of the respondents went from no use of the flexible sigmoidoscope to using it. About one fifth of the respondents were not using a flexible sigmoidoscope after the course for various reasons. Most respondents used more than one instrument after the course, with the combination of the 60-cm flexible sigmoidoscope and the rigid sigmoidoscope being most popular. The overwhelming majority found the flexible sigmoidoscope to be either very easy to use or reasonably easy to use. Only one complication was reported. Most of the respondents had attended only this 1-day course, but one third had taken either other courses or had been supervised for several procedures.



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