Professional and Personal Formation Through Reflection: G-TRR Reflective Rounds for Medical Students in the Clinical Years

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Workshop Purpose and Rationale: The workshop introduces the design and implementation of the GWish-Templeton Reflective Rounds (G-TRR) program and research outcomes (depression, burnout, patient-centeredness, and spiritual well being) from the research conducted by eight medical schools which piloted this innovative program in professional development in the clinical years of medical education during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Specific Objectives:

Participants will be introduced to the unique structure and objectives of the G-TRR rounds, the spirituality and health competencies that form the basis of the rounds, and the principles of reflective listening that guide the conduct of the rounds. After a brief overview, participants will break into small groups and participate in a reflective round with the guidance of workshop leaders who are faculty who have led reflective rounds during the pilot implementation.

Specific objectives are:

1. Describe the role of reflection in medical student personal and professional formation
2. Utilize the GTRR structured format in a reflective round
3. Identify the process/requirements for integrating reflective rounds in a third-year clerkship


A mini-workshop presented at the 2012 AAMC Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 2-7, 2012.