Estimates of Physician Requirements for 1990 for the Specialties of Neurology, Anesthesiology, Nuclear Medicine, Pathology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Radiology A Further Application of the GMENAC Methodology

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The Graduate Medical Education National Advisory Committee (GMENAC) adjusted needs-based model for determining physician requirements was applied to the specialties of anesthesiology, neurology, nuclear medicine, pathology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and radiology, which had not been completed at the time of the original GMENAC final report. Physical medicine and rehabilitation continues to be projected as a shortage specialty; anesthesiology is in near balance. Neurology and pathology are no longer projected to be specialties of oversupply, but rather to be in near balance. Diagnostic radiology continues to be projected as a specialty of oversupply; therapeutic radiology is projected to be in near balance, as is nuclear medicine. The GMENAC aggregate-requirements estimates are thus revised upward from 466,000 to 473,000 full-time equivalent physicians for 1990, reducing the projected surplus from 15.0% to 13.3%.

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