Estimating Physician Requirements for Neurology: A Needs-Based Approach

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Applying the adjusted needs-based model developed by the Graduate Medical Education National Advisory Committee (GMENAC), physician requirements in neurology were estimated for the year 1990. A Delphi panel of physician experts estimated appropriate patterns of treatment for 56 neurologic conditions. Their median estimates implied a need for 14,500 neurologists in 1990, suggesting a shortage relative to the projected supply. An advisory panel of former GMENAC members reviewed those estimates and recommended certain adjustments to ensure internal consistency and compatibility with those for other specialties. Adoption of these adjustments significantly reduces requirements, implying a total need for 8,400 neurologists--a figure in near balance with the projected supply of 8,650. The difference between the Delphi and Advisory Panel estimates reflects divergent views, apparent as well among the Delphi panelists, of the appropriate role of neurologists--consultants versus principal care providers.

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