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W.C. Rounds and G.-Q. Zhang have proposed to study a form of disjunctive logic programming generalized to algebraic domains [1]. This system allows reasoning with information which is hierarchically structured and forms a (suitable) domain. We extend this framework to include reasoning with default negation, giving rise to a new nonmonotonic reasoning framework on hierarchical knowledge which encompasses answer set programming with extended disjunctive logic programs. We also show that the hierarchically structured knowledge on which programming in this paradigm can be done, arises very naturally from formal concept analysis. Together, we obtain a default reasoning paradigm for conceptual knowledge which is in accordance with mainstream developments in nonmonotonic reasoning.


Attached is the unpublished, peer-reviewed version of the proceeding. The final publication is available at Springer via

Presented at the 27th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ulm, Germany, September 20-24, 2004.