Defining the Features of the WSML-DL v2.0 Language

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In order to automate tasks such as location and composition, Semantic Web Services must be described in a well-defined formal language. The Web Services Modeling Language (WSML) is based on the conceptual model of the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO) and as such can be used for modeling Web services, ontologies, and related aspects.

WSML is actually a family of several language variants, each of which is based upon a different logical formalism. The family of languages is unified under one syntactic umbrella, with a concrete syntax for modeling ontologies.

This deliverable, along with others, defines an updated version of the WSML language stack, in order to bring it in line with the scalability requirements of reasoning in SOA4All and realign it with new research results and others standards. Thus, this document describes WSML-DL v2.0, a WSML language variant of the Description Logics paradigm featuring a favorable trade-off between expressivity and scalability.

By capturing the semantics of the ELP knowledge representation formalism, the updated WSML-DL variant greatly improves scalability and lends itself to evaluation using rule-based reasoners.