Method and Apparatus for Deriving Composite Tie Metric for Edge Between Nodes of Telecommunication Call Graph

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A method for deriving a composite tie metric for an edge between nodes of a telecommunication call graph includes receiving descriptive data with original values for descriptive attributes associated with a telecommunication call graph formed by edges between nodes. Each edge relates to two nodes. Each original value relates to an edge and a descriptive attribute forming an edge-attribute pair for the corresponding original value. The descriptive data is stored in a local storage device. Scaling factors for each descriptive attribute are determined taking into account a distribution of the original values for the corresponding descriptive attribute and a common base for the descriptive attributes. Weighting factors are determined for each descriptive attribute. The composite tie metric is computed for an edge based on the original value, scaling factor, and weighting factor for the descriptive attributes.


Publication Number: WO 2013036627 A3