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The proposed research focuses on developing a mobile application for Android systems that will detect changes in behavior and activity patterns of those who are primary caregivers for dementia patients. This application will be used to detect fluctuation in the behavior and the task performance of the caregivers as a measure of caregiver stress. By detecting these changes in behavior, the goal is to analyze the effects of caregiving to evaluate caregiver burnout. A usability study was conducted for this application to find the optimal design factors and features that benefit the target user: the caregiver.

The purpose of this research project is to develop a revised and expanded version of the application based on the results of a prior small-scale usability study [1], and then conduct a more in-depth and in-situ usability study of the revised application. Primary caregivers of dementia patients were the target of the data collection. This data will be used for the continuing design and development of the application. In short, the original application included a word-scramble game and an established caregiver stress scale survey [2]. Based on the results of the prior usability study, a basic reminder functionality was added, improvements occurred to the user interface, and development occurred for a reward system to incentivize the daily use of the application.


Presented at the Space Grant Consortium Student Research Symposium, Cleveland, OH.