Visual Exploration in Surgery Monitoring for Coronary Vessels

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Cardiovascular diseases, mainly caused by lipids accumulating within the vessel wall creating plaque, are one of the leading causes of death in modern society. In advanced cases, surgery is required to avoid strokes or heart attacks. Therefore the aim of the presented approach is to assist in the en- tire surgery process, identify risks, discuss options, and examine the success. Unfortunately, the state of the art slice-by-slice reviewing method lacks in the ability to investigate CT (Computer Tomogra- phy) scans in their entirety, as it only shows a single slice of the raw CT scan at a time. This paper presents a tool to insert visual exploration in all stages of the surgery process. An interactive linked view system process is introduced that contains a standardized tree view of the coronary arteries and additional supporting view to orient oneself in space and in the recorded CT scan. This technique provides the ability to visually analyze a recorded CT scan to monitor the process of a surgery. As the visualization is derived as part of the medical workflow it addresses the userÕs needs and opens the black box of vessel visualization to obtain user approval.


Presented at IEEE VIS Practitioner Event: Visualization in Practice, Chicago, IL, October 25-30, 2015.